The winner of our 2018 Girls Like Us chapbook contest!

We're delighted to announce the winner of our 2018 Girls Like Us chapbook contest! Guest judge Tiana Clark has selected "All Sex and No Story" by Laura Passin.

Of this manuscript, Tiana writes, "I loved how this chapbook deftly explored gender, history, and sexuality with stunning lyricism, nuance, and sway. It was lush and mighty (sometimes boldly brash), but also cohesive as a collection. There was a stark self-awareness to these poems as well as experimentation with form, which kept my eyes and ears sated. There was personal and political indictment smashed with pleasure and grief, so many of the poems stitched to the corporeal experience, which I love and lust for in writing that pulses me to the page.” 

 Laura will receive $1,000, chapbook publication, 50 author copies, plus 25 limited edition broadsides.

Help us congratulate Laura and each of our 2018 Girls Like Us finalists!

2018 Girls Like Us Chapbook Contest

"All Sex and No Story" by Laura Passin

Finalists (in alphabetical order):
"fist of wind & other poems" by Nefertiti Asanti
"Imperfect Acts of Contrition" by Roberta Beary
"Endearments" by Anna Lena Phillips Bell
"21 True Stories" by Nicole Callihan
"Pink Dress / Dark Green Trees" by Rainie Oet
"Girl Talk" by Andrea Spofford & Stephanie Bryant Anderson
"Appetite" by Paige Sullivan
"Girl of the Hunt" by Sara Sutter

New year, New issue! Rabbit Catastrophe Review #14 is here!

Rabbit Catastrophe Review #14

RCR 14 Cover white border.jpg

RCC #14 has some very special words in it, including:


Poetry by: Rachel Abramowitz, Grace Arenas, Stacey Balkun, Rachel J. Bennett, Annette C. Boehm, Nina Budabin McQuown, Tori Cardenas, Hannah Craig, Kitt Keller, Sara Khayat, Gregory Kimbrell, dawn lonsinger, Cassidy Marsh, Irene Mathieu, Alyssa Mazzoli, Lupe Mendez, Ruth Elizabeth Morris, Darla Mottram, Teja Sudhakar, MT Vallarta, Barrett Warner, Sam Wilder

Includes Hannah Craig’s winning poem from the 2018 Real Good Poem Prize, along with the finalists.

Buy it HERE.

The Winner of the 2017 Girls Like US Chapbook contest!

Marina Weiss is the winner of the 2017 Girls Like Us Chapbook Contest! Her manuscript, Misprison, chosen by Aracelis Girmay, will be published this spring. 

Weiss, Marina.jpg

"Misprison continues to stun me with its fevered diction and deeply full and realized formal range. A truly remarkable collection of poems that leave me wanting to read more and more from this writer." -- Aracelis Girmay

 Pre-order Misprison HERE!


Runner up, selected by final judge Aracelis Girmay:
Take Me Home by Sarah Levine

Every time I write about sex it is a radical act because by Jennifer Jackson Berry
Grating Darling Full of Dirt by Erin Dorney
Citations of Resistance by Maurisa Li-A-Ping

Marina Weiss is from Massachusetts, and lives in Brooklyn. graduate of Amherst College and New York University's Master of Fine Arts in Poetry, and she is a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology at Adelphi University, where she studies trauma and recovery and the neuroscience of racism. She has received grants and prizes from the Fulbright Commission, the Academy of American Poets, the Starlight Foundation, The Garden Clubs of America, and Narrative Magazine's 30 Under 30 contest. Her work is published or forthcoming in Tin House; Colorado Review; Gulf Coast; Narrative; No, Dear; Parallax; Psychiatric Services; and elsewhere.

Rabbit Catastrophe Review 13 is here!


In this issue:

Super omphaloskeptic whales [are] reticent  [as] they witness quotidian, unfurnished borders [in the] detailed palimpsest [of] weatherbeaten, seafoam moss.

Poetry: Danielle Badra, Kamil Bouška, Kayleb Rae Candrilli, Kinsey Cantrell, Rosie DeSantis, Melanie Dunbar, Mariel Fechik, Eric Fischman, Chad Foret, Christine Hamm, Hilde Jaegtnes, Jess Rizkallah

Nonfiction: Stephen Reaugh

Art: Stephen Wiggins

Includes the winner and finalists from the 2017 Real Good Poem Prize.

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