A Study in Spring
by Nicole Callihan and Zoë Ryder White

We printed this winner of the 2015 Baltic Writing Residency Chapbook Contest. Chosen by judge, Bob Hicok. Book cover designed by Todd Herzberg.

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Praise for A Study in Spring:
“Part friendly (and at times flirtatious) correspondence, part lyrically charged banter that ignites the playful brain spasms, and part academic conversation that's gone delightfully awry and landed in someplace altogether more fascinating than any assigned essay, A Study in Spring is a strange and welcomed poetic delight. Acrobatic in its construction, but satisfyingly candid and scintillating in its execution, this is a terrific chapbook made for those who love the intriguing act of eavesdropping.”

- Ada Limón, National Book Award finalist for Bright Dead Things

Nicole Callihan writes poems, stories and essays. Her work has appeared in, among others,The American Poetry Review, Painted Bride Quarterly, Forklift, Ohio, PANK and as a Poem-a-Day feature from the Academy of American Poets. Her books include the 2012 nonfiction Henry River Mill Village which she wrote with Ruby Young Kellar and SuperLoop, a collection of poems published in early 2014 (Sock Monkey Press). Her chapbook The Deeply Flawed Human is forthcoming from Deadly Chaps Press in July 2016. Nicole lives with her husband and daughters in Brooklyn, New York.

Zoë Ryder White writes poems and edits books for educators about the craft of teaching. Her poems have appeared in Threepenny Review, Subtropics, Crab Creek Review and Painted Bride Quarterly. She is the author of a book for teachers about using poetry to teach reading, Playing with Poems: Word Study Lessons for Shared Reading, and she is a co-author of One to One: the Art of Conferring with Young Writers. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, daughters and son.

The Baltic Writing Residency Poetry Chapbook Contest,  in conjunction with Rabbit Catastrophe Press. Winner receives: $750, plus publication, and 25 author copies. $23.00 submission fee. Submit HERE