Rabbit Catastrophe is the publishing wing of Workhorse Literary Collective, based in Lexington, KY.  We publish:

  • Rabbit Catastrophe Review, a biannual print literary journal of art, poetry, nonfiction, and fiction
  • Small chapbooks, called ScrapChaps, made entirely from the scrap paper generated as we make the journal
  • Art books designed to reflect and enhance the work within them
  • Various print ephemera, such as broadsides, bookmarks, stickers, buttons, etc.

An imprint of RCP, the Little League Press, is forthcoming, and will publish collaborative literature.

Our Printing Process
Covers, FFEPs, vellums and text blocks are scored and torn by hand to size and then hand folded into books by us. 

Books are bound with a variety of perfect and sewn bindings.  The design staff loves to experiment with new techniques and materials, so the look changes with each piece we publish. Because everything is made by hand, each copy of our books is unique.

We feel that visually and textually pleasing printed texts provide the physical space to contemplate literature and art slowly and thoroughly.

A Note About Our Title
“Rabbit Catastrophe” (alternately translated as “Hare Catastrophe”) is the title of a Robert Musil story from his 1936 collection Posthumous Papers of a Living Artist. It is a very short story about a baby rabbit attacked and killed by a terrier.

Managing Editor - Robin LaMer Rahija
Poetry Editor - Kristen Miller
Fiction Editor - Lewis DeJong
Nonfiction Editor - Austyn Gaffney
Art Editor - Ellen McCann
Binder - Greg Lamer
Girls Like Us Chapbook Series Editor: Danni Quintos
Readers: Serena Devi, Hannah Rego Sam Renee