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Poetry: Tadeyeske / roberts / Rahija / Lewis

  • Chase Public 1569 Chase Ave Cincinnati, OH (map)

Celebrating the release of IF YOU BEND IT BACKWARDS NOTHING REALLY HAPPENS (2017 Rabbit Catastrophe Press) by Chelsea Tadeyeske. Also featuring edie roberts,  Robin LaMer Rahija, and Bethany Lewis.

Chelsea Tadeyeske is a poet, performer, and bookmaker from Milwaukee, WI. She is the founding editor of pitymilk press ( which publishes short-run chapbooks as well as an online and print journal. Her work is interested in investigating the Venn diagrams made of the shame, trauma and desire that are rooted in femininity, often making visceral the hurt of societal expectations and perspectives in her performances and on the page. Two of her chapbooks, ‘if you bend it backwards nothing really happens’ and ‘we’re all born with the right to be angry’ are forthcoming from Rabbit Catastrophe Press and bathmatics, respectively. Her poems can be found online at Pretty Owl Poetry, Delirious Hem, Smoking Glue Gun, among others. She is a seasoned performer having toured extensively in the United States, as well as some dates in Europe. She is a Virgo sun/Aquarius moon/Libra rising born in the year of the snake. To see a more summarized view of her work, visit 

edie roberts is a genderqueer performer and activist currently living in Detroit, MI. They are the author of The Heel and The Face, Little Book of Shit, and The Roof is on Fire, among others. Their work is steeped in a characteristic American anxiety, searching for identity through cultural interrogation and radical vulnerability, then connected to global economic and environmental concerns with an activated desperation. Their poems and sound pieces have appeared and disappeared at Thunderclap Magazine, Duet Duet, Those That This, Sawbuck, The New Gnus, No Exit, etc. They are currently making books/zines/etc under the umbrella of bathmatics, and organizing for housing and workplace justice in Detroit. They have performed extensively through the United States and Canada, as well France, Ireland and the United Kingdom. They would love to come visit you... or vice versa... write them at

Robin LaMer Rahija is from Kansas City, MO. She runs Rabbit Catastrophe Press. Her poems have appeared in Diagram, The Washington Square Review, PANK, and elsewhere. 

Bethany Lewis is a junior at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, resident goth gf, majoring in painting, but opting to mostly write poetry and do performance art instead. Her work attempts to alienate the (cis/ straight) male viewer while bringing feminine comfort and personal vulnerability to everyone else. She utilizes child-like kitsch elements, the grotesque, and brings an uncomfortably viscous agenda with her everywhere she goes. She’s made one zine, “Couch Angels” in collaboration with her best friend Harris Wheeler and hopes to keep writing and making until all her fingers fall off. You can find her work on instagram @polyplatonic, or, you can email any inquiries to