Everything is Loose is our second Scrap Chap of poetry by the wonderful writer Karl McComas-Reichl.  The poems are beautiful and strange and very hard to describe.  McComas-Reichl is not necessarily writing about this world, but it all seems familiar.  His poetry is shockingly fresh, sometimes tender, sometimes funny, but always unexpected. Here is a list of our attempts to describe the book which we ultimately rejected but are going to list here anyway:

-grounded in uncertainty
-part magic realism, part vegan adventure story
-Gene Hackman meets Q-Tip... finally!
-Everything is Loose is loose.
-post-poetry or super-poetry?


Here is an excerpt from Everything is Loose:



Moving to California in the

middle of the night with no 

stuff. Trying to find our new 

house based on the salvia plant 

that is supposed to be grow-

ing in the front yard. We end 

up finding Danielle Wheeler’s 

house towards the dawn side. 

It has a small small small 

fenced-in yard with bleached 

grass. She is loading her three 

horses and thirty or so ducks 

into a U-haul for the night. I 

help her close the back door 

and lock it; this seems natu-

ral. She hugs us both for a 

long time and I think that per-

haps I should tell her that one 

of our horses has fallen off 

the mountain.


Karl McComas-Reichl is also an accomplished musician, and you can learn more about him here.