Gem City/Fountain City was our first publication as Rabbit Catastrophe Press.  It has gone through two editions since it's initial publication in 2008.  It went out of print today after three years.  Thanks to Phil Estes for allowing us to publish his work as a start up press and for continuing to sell it at readings. 

Currently we are working on putting out Phil's second book entitled Children of Reagan.  It will be the first in a series of chapbooks we call ScrapChaps.  All of these books will be made from scrap we generate while making Rabbit Catastrophe Review.  Expect to see Children of Reagan in the next few months.  In the meantime, we still have copies of RCR #1 and #2 available on this site, and RCR #3 will be available in January. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported us the past three years.

Open for Submissions

We are reading again!  Issue #3 reading periods are from now until December first.  Please read our guidelines here and don't forget to track your submissions on Duotrope.  We look forward to reading all of the new work.  If you are interested in seeing what we have published in the past you can still get copies of our first two issues and of Gem City/Fountain City by Phil Estes just to the right by the clicking "Buy Now" button under each picture.

Issue #2 Is Now Available

Rabbit Catastrophe Issue #2 is done... which is to say that we pile drived your snap dragon.  Special thanks to all of our contributors and to those who donated.  This issue's work spans all of time from Andrea Spofford's period piece set in the 19th century American west, to Andrew Terhune's poem that will tell your future, although you'll wish you hadn't asked.  The range of emotional topics is far reaching as well.  There are father/son relationships in Lewis DeJong's piece, a sad mother/child relationship told from the point of view of a T-Rex in Steven Barrie's work, and some love poems from an emotionless robot named RACTER.  Cover art by Tao Lin and some great design work in the interior by new RCR editor Kris Ange.  Many more strange and beautiful stories and poems are within.  Here is a complete list of our contributors:

Steven Barrie
Shiloh Booker
Brandon Courtney
Lewis DeJong
Amorak Huey
Jenna Goldsmith
Haesong Kwon
David Lewitzky
Tao Lin
Andrea Spofford
Jennifer Stockdale
Mikey Swanberg
Andrew Terhune
James Valvis

And a list of those who have donated or helped us out:

Martha Trowe
HB Sorensen
Charles Kevin Moore
Juliana Nichols
Sonya Walls
James Brubaker
Sonora Review

Everyone Say Hi to Kris

Kris Ange is the new Art/Design Editor for Rabbit Catastrophe Press.   Here is a short interview.
RCR: Who, what , where, when, how?

Kris Ange: Kris Ange, student/designer/dishwasher extraordinaire, Lexington, Ky, well, right now it’s 1:23 AM, by the beard of Zeus.

RCR: How did you get involved with rcr?

KA: Hilarity Wednesday at Sidebar.  Greg and I were introduced through a mutual friend, and the only night we ever drank together was always Wednesday.  I think it was the third time we went out, he brought along issue #1.  I was blown away by it. The art, the poetry, even the way it felt in my hands.  After some time, I was complaining about needing an internship to graduate, and he mentioned that he could help me out. 

RCR: What is your favorite pie?

KA: Strawberry Rhubarb.  Hands down.  I can eat an entire pie in one sitting.  Not even kidding.

RCR: What do you want to be when you grow up?

KA: I want to be in some ad agency, doing some huge national campaign.  I’d like to have something I’m even the smallest part of to be seen by a million people.  I don’t even care if they know I did anything.  I just love the whole holy-crap-that’s-that-thing-I-did feeling.  I think that’d be pretty rad on that sort of scale.

RCR: How do you feel about not getting paid for what we make you do?

KA: Whoa, whoa, whoa.  I know I’ve gotten like 6 beers already.  If I could get paid in beers for everything I did, I’d be the happiest man alive.  So I firmly stand behind not getting paid monies.

RCR: What makes you happy?

KA: Coming home to my cat yelling at me, being lazy all day with my lady, cooking a meal and finishing it all at the same time, and not going to work.

Kris recently designed all of the logos for Rabbit Catastrophe Review and Rabbit Catastrophe Press. His title page designs will appear in RCR #2 and he will be editing all of the art for upcoming issues and chapbooks.