Rabbit Catastrophe Review publishes original poetry.  All submissions should be sent through the Submittable link below.

Reading Periods
We are on a temporary hiatus. Check back soon! 

We Are Now a Poetry-Centric Journal
Please send up to three poems at a time.  We like pieces written in both traditional and experimental forms.  Our main concern is an attention to the beauty and creativity inherent in the structures of language.  We look for content that reveals, not just repeats. Hybrid, mixed-genre, and collaborative forms are encouraged. Translations are ok as long as the original piece has never been published before (not in English nor the original language) and with written permission from the original author. 

Other Guidelines and THE ONE WORD BIO
Please include a brief cover letter with your name and a bio. Please also include a ONE WORD BIO. The word does not have to describe you or your work. It doesn't even have to be an adjective.

Please only send us one submission at at time. Wait until you hear from us to submit again.

We will accept simultaneous submissions as long as you notify us promptly if your work is published elsewhere.  We hold First North American Serial Rights and Internet Archival Rights.  All rights return to the author upon publication. We do ask that you mention us in reprints of pieces first published here.

Rabbit Catastrophe Review is dedicated to publishing writers marginalized from mainstream literary communities. If you are queer, of color, trans, disabled, outside academia, or otherwise commonly excluded, we encourage you to apply. Any optional, personal information is welcome in your cover letter and will be kept confidential. 

Contributors receive one free copy of the journal. 

Submit HERE