Rabbit Catastrophe Review publishes original poetry, prose, and art.  All submissions should be sent through the Submittable link below.

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Reading Periods
We read between Feb. 01 - June 01 for our November issue, and Aug. 01 - Dec. 01 for our May issue.

Please send up to three poems at a time.  We like pieces written in both traditional and experimental forms.  Our main concern is an attention to the beauty and creativity inherent in the structures of language.  We look for content that reveals, not just repeats.

Please send one story at a time.  We want stories that challenge the writer as much as the reader.  Content and genre do not factor into our decision to publish as much as craftsmanship.

Creative Nonfiction
Please send one piece at a time. All genres of CNF are accepted.

Send up to three images at a time. We screen print our covers, so we're looking for pieces that can be easily translated into vectors.  Two to three colors is best. Unfortunately, this means we probably won't accept photography, painting, or photographs of 3D art. If you need to withdraw an individual piece from your submission, please add a note in Submittable.

Other Guidelines and THE ONE WORD BIO
Please include a brief cover letter with your name and a bio. The bio should be one word long.  The word does not have to describe you or your work.  It doesn't even have to be an adjective. You may include also a list of up to ten publications and a website you would like mentioned. We will use this bio in the event that we publish your work.

Please only send us one submission at at time. Wait until you hear from us to submit again.

We will accept simultaneous submissions as long as you notify us promptly if your work is published elsewhere.  We hold First North American Serial Rights and Internet Archival Rights.  All rights return to the author upon publication. We do ask that you mention us in reprints of pieces first published here.

Rabbit Catastrophe Review is dedicated to publishing writers marginalized from mainstream literary communities. If you are queer, of color, trans, differently abled, or otherwise commonly excluded, we encourage you to apply. Any optional, personal information is welcome in your cover letter and will be kept confidential. 

Contributors receive one free copy of the journal. 

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Past Contributors

    James Brubaker
    Tobi Cogswell
    Phil Estes
    Howie Good
    Christine Hamm
    Adam Moorad
    Ben Nardolilli
    Stephanie Pape
    Nicholas Michael Ravnikar
    Chuck Rolwing
    Ray Succre
    Lindsay Waples
    Steven Barrie
    Shiloh Booker
    Thomas Zimmerman
    Brandon Courtney
    Lewis DeJong
    Amorak Huey
    Jenna Goldsmith
    Haesong Kwon
    David Lewitzky
    Tao Lin
    Andrea Spofford
    Jennifer Stockdale
    Mikey Swanberg
    Andrew Terhune
    Jame Valvis
    DAniel Carter
    Mark DeCarteret
    Jennifer Denrow
    G.M. Holder
    Russel Jaffe
    Ted Jean
    Tom Oristaglio
    Aaron Anstett
  • Richard Boada
  • Scott Ditzler
  • Billy Howell
  • Mercedes Lawry
  • Sally Molini
  • Joseph Mulholland
  • Katie Jean Shinkly
  • Emma Ramey
  • Dillon Welch
  • Paul David Adkins
  • Tracie Renée Dawson
  • Charles Decker
  • Jennifer Gravley
  • Caitlin L. Heinz
  • Joni Lee
  • Bianca Spriggs
  • Changming Yuan
  • Matthew Dube
    Dawn Wilson
    J. Edward Vanno
    Dmitry Borshch
    Matt Dennison
    Adam Clay
    Haines Eason
    F. Daniel Rzicznek
    Jeremy Paden
    Jason Primm
    Lisa McCool-Grime
    Jesse Morse
    Brandon Bell
    Franklin K.R. Cline
    Amy Lipman
    Christopher McCurry
    Clay Shields
    Magdalena Waz
    John McDonough
    Steven Alvarez
    Angela Ball
    Adam Day
    Dalton Day
    Richard King Perkins II
    Katelyn Eichwald
    Sarah Hansen
    Michael O'Leary
    Andrew Wickenden
    Bridget G. Dooley
    Zaccaria Fulton
    Dave Harrity
    Katrina Schaag
    James Whitefox Lyons
    JW Burns
    Sam Cooper
    John James
    Alex Miller
    Chumki Sharma
    Ben Sloan