Rabbit Catastrophe Review #06



New website.  New book design.  New binding.  New volunteer binders.  We are rich with newness.  To celebrate, RCR#06 is a special all-poetry issue that we’re giving to ourselves as a present.  It features work from:

Matt Dennison
Adam Clay
Haines Eason
F. Daniel Rzicznek
Jeremy Paden
Jason Primm
Lisa McCool-Grime
Jesse Morse

Fact: RCR#06 includes the second poem in our print history that references fortune cookies. Less prescient (but equally crunchy and sweet) images from the issue include:

a tattooed, shower-singing preacher
a trail of tire tread and blood
a bed that might also be human
a tweeting dog
a reticulated python hiding in the Dakota Corn Palace
and much much more!

Basically, the issue is like (an) alluvial pre-soaked watershed (that) estranged (the) tired soliloquizer (in) typographical flannel.  Yes, it is just like that.  We hope you love this issue like a gift you might give to your favorite human.  


Here’s a poem from inside the pages:

Ce Soir
by Matt Dennison

Tonight, this night, right now or
perhaps an hour ago, someone
better than you will ever be,
someone more loved than you
will ever be loved, someone
more simply liked than you
will ever be liked—died
in the most beautiful room
of the most beautiful hospital
on the most beautiful boulevard
in the most beautiful section of Paris
but you are still here. Now what?