Rabbit Catastrophe Review #08


When Obama read issue RCR08, he was like, "Chigón! (My) shellac pie (was eaten by a) nightbird (with) inscrutable barbule (doing the) boogie." I'm sure you'll feel the same.

Nonfiction by: John McDonough

Poetry by: Steven Alvarez, Angela Ball, Adam Day, Dalton Day, and Richard King Perkins II.

Art by: Katelyn Eichwald

A sample from within:

from "Emma in the Belly of the Beast" by Richard King Perkins II

Independence misfires
and she finds herself
living free on a fur farm
which reeks of stoat fear
and subjective cruelty.

At night, when she takes
her paper and plastics
out to the recycling bin
that doesn’t exist

fireflies and a keychain flashlight
illuminate her curious path
across the yard

as she hears the crunch of hacked-off
mink paws beneath her feet