Rabbit Catastrophe Review #001

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Rabbit Catastrophe Review #001



We are happy to announce that issue one is available!  We have put in a lot of time choosing the best work and making this little book by hand.  We think that you are going to like it.  A special thanks to our contributors: 

James Brubaker
Tobi Cogswell
Phil Estes
Howie Good
Christine Hamm
Adam Moorad
Ben Nardolilli
Stephanie Pape
Nicholas Michael Ravnikar
Chuck Rolwing
Ray Succre
Lindsay Waples
Thomas Zimmerman

Having this many talented people willing to submit work to our little start up journal was entirely unexpected and we are indebted to them.  We hope that we have done their work justice.  Soon we will post pictures of us in the process of making the issues one by one.  Order a copy, and tell us what you think.

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