RCR Makes a Change Thanks to MC Hyland, Rebecca Howell, and Larkspur Press

Back in June, Robin and I went to the Midwest Small Press Festival in Milwaukee.  We set up a table in a bizarre place called the Polish Falcon, and sold a bunch of books.  While we were there, I had an opportunity to sit in on a short workshop by MC Hyland about hand stitching books.  MC taught us a Japanese Stab Stitch (the video is just the first example I found on Google.) and I instantly knew that I wanted to try it for our next issue.  So, after three issues and a handful of chapbooks, Rabbit Catastrophe Press has decided to move temporarily away from perfect binding.  Over the past week or so, we have been experimenting with it, and it hasn't been great.  Then last Saturday, we went to a Reading by Rebecca Gayle Howell at Morris Bookshop, and we bought a copy of her first chapbook The Hatchet Buddha which was published by Larkspur.  This book was also assembled using a Japanese Stitch only, they had set in the title on the spine under the stitch.  I gave that a shot last night, and I think that we have come up with something that looks incredibly professional.  You can see the spine in the picture above, along with a sneak peak of the new gorgeous cover, designed by by the talented Kris Ange.  The issue is coming soon and I can't wait to post pictures of it and share our very talented group of contributors with everyone.  This issue is going to be very different, and we have MC Hyland, Rebecca Howell, and Larkspur Press to thank for it.  All three are big heroes of ours.