Coming Soon From Rabbit Catastrophe Press...

Everything is Loose 
by Karl McComas-Reichl

 Everything is Loose is the latest ScrapChap of poetry by the wonderful writer Karl McComas-Reichl.  The poems are beautiful and strange and very hard to describe.  McComas-Reichl is not necessarily writing about this world, but it all seems familiar.  It might be our world but with different rules.  His poetry is shockingly fresh, sometimes tender, sometimes funny, but always unexpected. Here is a list of our attempts to describe the book which we ultimatley rejected but are going to list here anyway:

-grounded in uncertainty
-part magic realism, part vegan adventure story
-Gene Hackman meets Q-Tip... finally!
-Everything is Loose is loose.
-post-poetry or super-poetry?

Here is an excerpt from Everything is Loose.


Moving to California in the
middle of the night with no 
stuff. Trying to find our new 
house based on the salvia plant 
that is supposed to be grow-
ing in the front yard. We end 
up finding Danielle Wheeler’s 
house towards the dawn side. 
It has a small small small 
fenced-in yard with bleached 
grass. She is loading her three 
horses and thirty or so ducks 
into a U-haul for the night. I 
help her close the back door 
and lock it; this seems natu-
ral. She hugs us both for a 
long time and I think that per-
haps I should tell her that one 
of our horses has fallen off 
the mountain.

Karl McComas-Reichl is also an accomplished musician, and you can learn more about him here.