Zen and the Art of Bicycle Delivery is now available

The latest Scrap Chap, Zen and the Art of Bicycle Delivery by Mikey Swanberg and illustrated by Christopher Dean Hayes, is now available.

The tiny poems of Zen capture those seemingly insignificant moments that occur between strangers: a peak inside someone's cracked door, a girl crying for joy at the coffee shop, a kind word from a doorman.  

Set on the slippery streets of a Chicago winter, the overtly un-zen narrator of these poems navigates through these small moments on a fixed-gear, cataloging them in alphabetical order in an attempt to cycle toward some state of enlightenment.

dear boyfriend and girlfriend
living somewhere on north jannsen
i fell down on the ice
and my first thought
was to protect your food
forgive me for for a moment
not being a real human being
i hope you couldn't taste it

You can purchase this book at Woodland Pattern in Milwaukee, WI;  Morris Bookshop in Lexington, KY, Prospero's Books in Kanasas City, MO, and at rabbitcatastrophe.blogspot.com

Mikey Swanberg is a poet living and working in Chicago.  Christopher Dean Hayes is a artist and musician also from Chicago.