The June Report

I just found out that you're supposed to blog more than once a month.  Jeez, the internet is such a greedy place!  Sign of the times, I guess.  Here's a summary of June, 2013, and then maybe tomorrow I'll think of something else to say.

The Midwest Small Press Festival in Milwaukee was a blast yet again, and Karl McComas-Reichl read from Everything is Loose.

- We put out Mikey Swanberg's Scrap Chap, Zen and the Art of Bicycle Delivery.

- Mikey Swanberg created a hype machine that devoured his book after readings at The Peanut Gallery in Chicago and Al's Sidebar in Lexington.

- We began works on our first eBook, an edition of Zen coming out soon.

- Nikky Finney invited Mikey Swanberg and Rabbit Catastrophe to speak at The Twenty, a magical poetry retreat hidden in the mountains of Kentucky.

- We started experimenting with a new look for RCR#06 (but more on that soon).

- I learned to put links into blog posts.

Basically, it was a fucking good month.