Everyone's favorite time of year: Pushcart Nominations!


Better than all holidays combined! Here are our Pushcart nominations:

  • "How to Play You-Play-Go in America" by Alessandra Simmons, from RCR 12

  • "a spell to absolve your own transness” by Kayleb Rae Candrilli, from RCR 13 (forthcoming)

  • "Uninhabitable Room" by Kamil Bouška, translated by Ondřej Pazdírek, from RCR 13 (forthcoming)

  • “Untitle —” by Rosie DeSantis, from RCR 13 (forthcoming)

  • “daughterson” by Melanie Dunbar, RCR 13 (forthcoming)

  • “the loneliness intermissions” by Kinsey Cantrell, RCR 13 (forthcoming)

Congrats everyone and good luck.