The Introduction to the World by G M Holder

The Introduction to the World by GM Holder has become available from Blackout Publishing.  Check out the review on the website and take advantage of this very limited print. 

Since I met Garth he has been working on his novel Love Songs & and Monster Songs.  In 2011 his book will finally be printed by Blackout Publishing.  In 2004 or 2005 I was working at Half Price Books in Kansas City with his then wife Irena and we had become friends.  Garth gave me a copy of the manuscript (at the time it was entitled Vignettes for an Undestroyed Love) and I remember feeling at once captivated and terrified by it.  I was only able to process small pieces of it at a time, but I preferred it that way.  Like Vollmann's Atlas, this felt like a book that I could pick up and take in at any point and feel satisfied by the completeness of each piece.  I am no book reviewer, not by a longshot and I couldn't begin to do justice to the book here... and to be completely transparent, Garth and I have lost contact over the years and I am not sure if the manuscript that he gave me five years ago even remotely resembles what he will be publishing next year.  Regardless, even in it's earlier stages, this book was stunning. 

I am eagerly awaiting my copy of Introduction to the World and I hope that everyone will take advantage of the offer that Blackout Publishing is making.  You can buy the "very limited edition." from their website or you can download a PDF copy for free.  Congratulations Garth, I look forward to reading more.