Perfect Binding brought to you by us

Here is an example of our what we are publishing.  This is a perfect bound paper back of Robin Sontheimer's collection of poetry entitled Uniquely Human Component of Language Found in Gregarious Birds.  This really is just a test of our materials and it won't be available for sale through Rabbit Catastrophe Press, but we wanted to provide an example of how our books look and what to expect from us.  This example edition is very minimal.  We didn't use color and the book is only 4 1/2" X 6".  If you are familiar with the Green Integer Press, this edition was modeled after that size.

Rabbit Catastrophe Review will most likely be around 8 1/2" Square and will include art in color.  At any rate, we hope you like what you see.  Issue number 1 is coming along very nicely and we are very happy with the contributors so far.  Please send us more submissions as we have a lot more space in this issue to fill!

Rabbit Catastrophe Editors